How to Make Cold Brew Coffee at Home (Step by Step Guide)

how to make cold brew coffee at homeThe sweetness of cold coffee has made it one of the best drinks on the planet.

It is known to have a refreshing feel and savory flavor that not even a hot brew can deliver.

So how do you go about making such a remarkable drink at the comfort of your home?

Well, all you’ve to do is follow the simple steps highlighted below, and in no time you’ll have one of the best cold brews you have ever tasted.

Steps for Making a Delicious Cold Brew Coffee

If you follow these steps keenly without compromise, you will end up with a smooth, delicious and refreshing cold brew.

Ensure that you are very cautious with the quantity of ingredients you use if at all you want to end up with the best brew.

The common mistake that most people tend to do is to grind their coffee beans into finer grounds.

This often ends up giving a cloudy brew. If at all you want to end up with the right grind size, you are recommended to use a burr.

Materials and Ingredients

  • 1 cup of coffee beans
  • A coffee burr
  • 5 cups water
  • A mason jar
  • Paper coffee filter


Step 1

Using a grinder, coarsely grind 1 cup of coffee beans. The size of the coffee grounds should not be medium or fine.

This will ensure that you get a delicious cup of coffee that is full of flavor.

If you use finer coffee grounds, you will end up with a cloudy coffee that is not good.

Step 2

Clean the Mason jar perfectly because any contaminants will end up spoiling the brilliant taste of the final brew.

Go ahead and pour the coffee grounds in the large Mason jar.

Step 3

Add 5 cups of water in the Mason jar and stir until the coffee grounds have mixed well with water. This will lead to the formation of a delicious brew that will bloom with flavor.

Step 4

Leave the brew to soak or steep for 18 to 24 hours. This should be done either in the fridge if at all it has enough space to accommodate the large Mason jar or anywhere at room temperature.

The brew should then be left untouched until the specified number of hours go by.

Step 5

After steeping, take filter papers and place them in a bowl. Strain the brew through the filter paper.

The whole content in the jar should be strained.

Step 6

Discard the filtered content and using another filter papers, strain the brew again.

This should be done for 4 to 5times until when you are unable to see the cloudy substance at the bottom of the jar.

If it persists, then it means that your grinds were too fine. This means that next time you should make them a bit coarse.

Step 7

Finally, pour the brew in a clean glass. You can add milk and sweeteners to make it even more delectable.

Cover the remaining brew and place it in the refrigerator so that you may use it for the next couple of days.

All you’ve to do is to make sure that it is well kept.

The steps above will be able to yield you one of the best cups of cold brew there is.

The drink will be less acidic with incredible taste thanks to steeping.

Unlike hot brews, cold brews tend to explode with flavor making it one of the best brews there is.

Cold brew FAQs

1. What is the difference between regular and cold brew?

Regular coffee tends to make use of hot water that is known to extract more caffeine from the coffee beans than cold water.

It is, however, true that cold brews yields much stronger coffee than regular coffee since the ratio of coffee grounds to cold water used is much higher.

The process of making regular coffee is also much longer due to steeping time. That is why you end up with a cold, smooth, less acidic and very delicious coffee.

2. Which are the best coffee beans for cold brew?

The best coffee beans for your cold brew is the stone street Colombian Supremo.

These beans are known to deliver full flavored brew that no other coffee beans can deliver.

They are usually high quality and can produce a smooth, bold and well-balanced coffee.

When coarsely ground, Stone Street Colombian supremo give the best cold brew drink.

3. What is the ideal grind size for cold brew?

If you desire to get the best coffee quality with less acidity and one that is full bodied, then you should ensure that your coffee beans are coarsely ground.

This will also deliver a final brew that is not cloudy. Using a grinder might not be the best idea to get course coffee grounds.

It is advisable to use a burr instead. A burr enables you to choose just the right type of coffee grounds you want.

4. Does cold brew have more caffeine?

It is evident that hot water extracts too much caffeine from coffee beans than cold water.

This means that regardless of the ratio used when creating a cold brew, the amount of caffeine amassed in a cup is usually low.

Cold water doesn’t extract too much from caffeine from the coffee grounds.

5. Is cold brew stronger than regular coffee?

Despite having less caffeine, cold brew is usually stronger because of the water to coffee ratio used.

For 2 cups of coffee, you are required to use one cup of coffee beans which end up yielding too much coffee grounds.

At the end of the day, you end up with a strong cold brew.

Final Verdict

The popularity of cold brew is growing every single day thanks to its sweetness, smoothness and the simple fact that it has less acidity. Despite taking a longer process to prepare, cold brew tends to result in one of the best delicacies there is. The above steps are very good at yielding a much tasty cold brew that you will never get elsewhere.

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